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Talking Heads – Burning Down The House/Life During Wartime

Words can’t describe….

…. how good this is!

Which is ironic seeing as Erin’s bread and butter is a trade in words.

Here’s the TED blog about her talk.

Excellent!!! Sony Bravia Paint ad – what happened next…

Original Sony ad:

What happened next…

Talking Heads – (Nothing but) Flowers

Network Administration – This is EXACTLY what it’s like!

Lawrence Lessig @ Google

YouTube Fest – Part V

Double header from Arlo Guthrie – no embedding unfortunately:

The Motorcycle Song

Alice’s Restaurant

YouTube Fest – Part IV

YouTube Fest – Part III

YouTube Fest – Part II

YouTube Fest – Part I

Aspect ratio anyone? – Part II

Same clip as previously – but this time uploaded by Baby Cow Productions, the independent producers of the tv series Ideal, and they also have a YouTube Channel.

 Note  – proper aspect ratio and allows embedding!

Now, I was assuming that the BBC was preventing embedding of their content – as it tries to restrict the YouTube BBC channel to UK only viewers – but this just makes a mockery of that!

Oh, and by the way, it also makes the BBC look completely stupid as well – not only can the BBC not do the aspect ratio properly but they also unnecessarily prevent people from embedding (which in this inept instance might be a good thing) the clip which was on YouTube 5 days before the BBC uploaded it.

I am embarrassed to work for this company!

Aspect ratio anyone?

From the BBC’s official YouTube Channel – can the BBC figure out 16:9?

Oh – and btw – disabling embedding on the YouTube page  – WTF!

BBC technology programme covers DRM – why no YouTube?

BBC Click Online programme covers DRM.

Full programme 
Real stream

Extended audio DRM debate with IFPI and ORG
Real stream
Related online article

Extended video DRM interview with LoveFilm CEO
Real stream
Related online article

The weird thing is  – the BBC recently announced a deal with YouTube, to host their own channel and make programmes available – but this isn’t available there.

Now, if there was one programme that would be uploaded religiously, surely it would be the flagship technology programme!

Douglas Adams on [Edit – now in 5 parts from YouTube]

How prescient.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


Part 5:


How UNBELIEVABLY cool is this?

Saw this posted at :

Just……Too…..Funny! – Re-revisited

A previous post now is redundant.

A video of The Daily Show has been deleted from the YouTube site.

The post remains unadulterated to be historically correct.

Interesting site

Found from this article.

Register article on Google/YouTube deal

The title says it all – ‘Moronic’ video deal buys Google legal woes?