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Get your retaliation in first!

The Pirate Bay logo

Got an iPod?

You’re a PIRATE!

Got an MP3 player?

You’re a rampent copyright infringer!

Got a media centre? Got a computer?

You should pay for each digital copy you make and not be allowed to resell the original.

These are some of the “retaliate first” views expressed by the BPI and AIM on a consultation on copyright in the digital age by Lord Triesman, the UK’s Minister for Intellectual Property.

I would advise anyone who has a vested interest (i.e. anyone who owns an iPod/Mp3 Player/Media Centre/etc.) in providing a bit of a balanced view to have their voice heard by participating in the consultation process.

UK IPO, an Executive Agency of DIUS, has started a public consultation on copyright in the digital age. This is a follow up to the Gowers review of intellectual property.

The press release from DIUS is here:

The UK IPO public submission page is here:

Some of the initial press reaction:


The Register

Ars Technica

EMI ditches DRM (kinda). iTunes the first to sell the same thing twice.


From EMI: 

From Apple:

From the BBC:

From The Guardian:,,2048471,00.html

From Wired: 


 From TheRegister:

From TheInquirer:

From BoingBoing:

From Jupiter Research: 

From Engadget:

(Read the comments – they are brilliant!)


From Wired:

From TheRegister:

From Jupiter Research:


From TheRegister:

From Jupiter Research:

A little bit of reality…

 From TheRegister: EMI: DRM stays

…or not.

From Jupiter Research: EMI DRM Negotiations Stall

Depressing! :-( Wonderful! :-)

Depressing: –

Wonderful: –

It’s been that kinda day!

A roadmap and a destination for the future

A “must-read” for anyone who wants to know strategically what the digital future is.

Part 1 – IPTV/VoD: The world that’s on its way

Part 2- IPTV/VoD: The world that’s on its way

Part 3 – IPTV/VoD: The world that’s on its way

One small step for a man…. article on BPI thinking of “allowing” people to make copies of CDs.

Audio from here.

Next week…..BPI to okay people using random play option.

MS buys SUSE and Linux get Own3d?

Superb commercial move or scary monopolistic shenanigans?

SKY has DRM’ed content back online – staff overjoyed.

Sky Broadband is back online after having suspended it’s service because FairUse4WM cracked it’s DRM.

TheRegister has an article with a ditty penned by a SKY employee (supposedly).

How insane is it as a broadcaster to have to take your service “off the air” because of one smart kid?

The title of the article says it all.

Big labels are f*cked, and DRM is dead

Too true, unfortunately.

BBC abandons science.

Register article on Google/YouTube deal

The title says it all – ‘Moronic’ video deal buys Google legal woes?

When the comment is better than the article!

Register report on a Daily Mail article. Comments are at the bottom of the article.

“Seasoned googlers, of whom there is already a vast tribe, are nerds, anoraks and braces-wearers of the worst sort who spend every working moment searching the infernal engine for other people’s blogs.

They are descended from a generation of titterers, pranksters and spokespersons of the bleeding obvious who in a more primitive era used to fool around with the office photocopier, circulating allegedly humorous material (“In these days of equal rights, why is Manchester not known as Personchester” ) faxed or posted to them by fellow-nerds who in turn had painfully copied the stuff from a parish magazine.”

“Thank God for one brave and fearless voice speaking out against the tide of mediocre thinking and blatant pornography. that is the so-called “world-wide-web”. My grandaughter was convinced to try this “googling” of which you speak by a schoolfriend and now she is pregnant. What I want to know is, what is this Government going to do about this nonsense, especially now foppish young Cameron has revealed it to be one of his unseemly passions? In my day, such an admission would have been a resignation matter. I’m disgusted.

– Nordelius, Bristol, UK”