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Oh, the irony! – cont’d

Article from The Guardian.

“Graham Cluley of Sophos, a leading UK-based security vendor, confirmed by email that Sophos “is experiencing no problems with PatchGuard for our anti-virus software”. He added: “Sophos believes that PatchGuard is a positive step by Microsoft to improve security on Vista, and is not in itself anti-competitive provided that Microsoft delivers on its commitment to provide the same level of kernel support and integration to third-party security vendors as it does to its own security product team.”

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Oh, the irony!

Huh? I don’t get it – security firms want Microsoft to be insecure? Now, why would they want that?

So, the local community starts putting bolts on their doors and the fat, bloated locksmith complains that they’re taking food out of the mouths of his kids – sounds exactly like the kinda guy I would want on my side ensuring my security.