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Wonderful, insightful comments and points

Copyright issues examined wonderfully, in an enlightened way from both sides.

Follow up post by David Pogue:

Seth Finkelstein hammers the point home!

After Nicholas Carr’s point, Seth Finkelstein hammers it home.


“It doesn’t matter that Essjay lied to the New Yorker reporter about his credentials, making Wikipedia look good to the media – a matter Wales has known about for weeks. No mention of the dishonesty of using degree falsification to endorse Wikipedia in a letter to a professor. That’s lying to those outside The Family.

But he used his false credentials in content disputes. That’s serious! It’s an IN-WORLD offense! It’s inside The Family. “

Nicholas Carr nails it!

On the Wikipedia/New York Times debacle, Nicholas Carr nails it in this post.


“In the byzantine world of Wikipedia, with its arcane language, titles, and rules, Essjay wore the robes of a wizard. He was allowed to stand beside – and to serve – Jimbo the White. Together, they would bring “knowledge” to the unenlightened masses. But then the Wizard Essjay tried to slip through the gates of the real. Now the game is up. “