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BBC Internet blog – I was wrong!

Back in the day, when the idea of the BBC Internet blog was first being mooted I suggested some names.

They were:

BBC 2.0 blog
BBC DigiMedia blog
BBC eMedia blog
BBC fMedia blog
BBC TechnoWeb blog
BBC Janus blog
BBC Teh Internets blog
BBC WTF??? blog
(or just accept it and call it “FFS – ENOUGH about the iPlayer! blog”)

On the last one – I was completely wrong!

The recently redesigned homepage has prompted loads of comments (the ones that managed to get through!) – almost as many as on Richard Titus’ post indicating it was coming.

This is very interesting. I would have dismissed the homepage redesign as merely a brand refresh exercise and that the really important stuff was the technology underpinning this.

There have been excellent posts about some of the changes afoot on the audio, visual and online fronts – all of which I would have imagined would have drawn much more animated responses. There are some very important issues discussed in relation to  the BBC’s Future Media and Technology arm. Surely destined to draw a massive response from the technology community?

Nope! The homepage. This is the burning issue for the people commenting on the BBC Internet blog.

Just goes to show – it ain’t the technology, it’s what you do with it.