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BBC iPlayer in a flash!

James Cridland has an excellent post espousing the wonderful new flash format of the BBC’s iPlayer.

Can’t see it myself (the execution – not the concept) as I’m in Ireland and the IP range is blocked.

If this works half as good as some of the experimental stuff then I would recommend sticking a Mac Mini under you TV with VLC (ask me why VLC if you really need to know) and connect wirelessly – it will change how you think of “broadcasting”!

Now, how long before someone checks to see if it works with a PS3, or a Wii with Opera installed, or alternatively finding out what weird and wonderful things some of those nice people in Kingswood have made it work on.

EMI ditches DRM (kinda). iTunes the first to sell the same thing twice.


From EMI: 

From Apple:

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(Read the comments – they are brilliant!)


From Wired:

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From Jupiter Research:


From TheRegister:

From Jupiter Research:

Huh? How exactly does this work – (cont’d)

The embedded video doesn’t work with Opera. I’m assuming it doesn’t work with Safari either. Why not?

Mac and Unix Fun

Software to sniff the network packets for images.

Mac software:

Unix software:

Steve Jobs is a moron!

First this and now this!

I have never assumed Podcasting meant creating content for an iPod – in fact I assumed the opposite. Anyone creating a podcast would be creating an MP3 file by default, as far as I was concerned, so it could be listened to by anyone, anywhere and shared as and how they wished.

Apple are dumb!