TED Talks – Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

Wonderful. It’s been around a while – but worth remembering the value of creativity.

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  2. Hi, I am so glad I finally located other ‘fans’ of Sir Ken Robinson and his ideas. I used to be a machine operator in the engineering industry the in north of England. That was 25 years ago. Since that time, I have been to university, got two degrees to help me teach my language, and have taught English in 7 different countries. I have two books published, had a plethora of other stuff published, and a ton of writing unpublished or on blogs. At school, my ability to write was encouraged, but of course, coming from a working class family, i had to get an apprenticeship – writing had to wait. Think how fortunate I am to find myself ‘in the zone’, doing what I love – writing.

    Sir Ken is absolutely right about education – we need to throw out the Gradgrind model and infuse our youngsters with our own and their own enthusiasm.
    Many, many thanks
    Rob Fielding

  3. Thanks for stopping by and sharing – it’s an inspiring story!

    I know, watching my own kids and how much fun they have being creative, that it’s a wonderful talent to have. It’s something to be nurtured, cherished and allowed freedom of expression.

    The world will be a better place for it.

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