Electronic Arts FAIL!

Userfriendly.org's view on EA's Spore DRM

See the good people at “Recalim Your Game” for a list of games riddled with DRM.

These are the tech-savvy, gaming generation and pissing them off with DRM only serves to enlighten them as to it’s pernicious features. It also send the message that the games company doesn’t trust the person who has just handed over their hard earned cash. Seriously! WTF!

  • Buy a legitimate copy and be considered a thief or download an illegitimate copy and be considered a fan?

Tough call!

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  3. Wow, these guys have got it wrong. I can’t believe how defiant they are. I also can’t that they think this will actually combat piracy. If anything its likely to entice it.

    Can anyone assist me in getting my M2: Total War Gold Edition to work? I’ve uninstalled Nero but to no avail.

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