Crude Oil

Crude Oil

Bansky meets Vettriano.

All my postings on Jack Vettriano

All my postings on Banksy

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  1. Hello. Like your blog. I work for the artist, Jack Vettriano, both here in London and when he is at his studio in France. I’ve just noticed that the link you have from his name takes you to a website that is nothing to do with him and thought you might, instead, like to link to Jack’s own website? Details above.

    Jack has also recently launched a new publishing site, Heartbreak Publishing, to promote the work of new artists as well as to distribute his directly to his fans. I can send you more details if you would like?


  2. Isabelle,

    Apologies for the confusion – I’ve edited the post to make things clearer.

    The original link I had went to all my posts on Jack Vettriano – I’ve changed it now to the official site and added in the link to all my posts at the end.

    As you can see on all my postings I’ve used the official site – it was originally only the Portland Gallery – as this was the only official way for a long time to get signed prints (Winter Light and Lavender was my purchase!) and I wanted people to go to the official source.

    When I realised the relationship had changed and the offical way was to go via the website, I added this link to the posts – as part of the desire to share these beautiful images was to also help people find a way of getting originals or prints officially!

    Please send me the details for Heartbreak Publishing and I will add it to the Jack Vettriano posts retrospectively.

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