Monthly Archives: December, 2007 – one to watch!

I just got pinged out of the blue by Seb, who has set up with some friends, and he recommended I swing by and have a look.

So I did. It’s obviously got some features to add yet and when they are in place it looks like it will rock! They will offer guides on how to search across all the sites at once and how to use PayPal to top up any account. Genius!

In the meantime their reviews of the current crop of music stores are extremely down-to-earth and hugely informative. Well worth reading for your own benefit and also as a resource to point people to who wish to find some DRM-free, reasonably priced MP3s.

BBC iPlayer in a flash!

James Cridland has an excellent post espousing the wonderful new flash format of the BBC’s iPlayer.

Can’t see it myself (the execution – not the concept) as I’m in Ireland and the IP range is blocked.

If this works half as good as some of the experimental stuff then I would recommend sticking a Mac Mini under you TV with VLC (ask me why VLC if you really need to know) and connect wirelessly – it will change how you think of “broadcasting”!

Now, how long before someone checks to see if it works with a PS3, or a Wii with Opera installed, or alternatively finding out what weird and wonderful things some of those nice people in Kingswood have made it work on.

Fact Vs Fiction Vs Science Fiction – the future is now!

Really wonderful blog post by Charlie Stross on a furore that has enveloped the SFWA: 

The comments are superb and a provide a hugely informative examination, exposition and analysis of some of the issues facing authors, societies and publishers in a digital age.