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Self Portrait in Black

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  1. I first discovered Jack’s work when I visited Glasgow to attend my friends wedding a couple of years ago. I have been artistic myself for many years and led an unsettled life, abroad and in various parts of London, South West and Midlands. I am now organised sufficiently to pursue my lifelong interest in Art and Design. I have recently bought some canvasses and an easel, so I will paint and do what I want. I find Jack’s work inspirational too. If he can do it, then so can I, it is never too late to use your talents. I love his work and style. No one knows where their talents can take them until they try to use them. I will use mine for personal satisfaction initially. I have two pictures in mind and ready to complete. There is o pressure except to be the best I can be to myself at the moment. I have left some jobs to make this opportunity available to myself after giving to others most of my life. There is still time to pursue my own interests. Jack is an inspiration,which clearly demonstrates his love of art and life in general. His pictures do not bore me.Well done to him and great that he achieved this success. Joanne

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