Weirdness abounds! Google or WordPress the culprit?

Weird things happening to one of my blog post when I view it using Opera.

Here’s all the blog posts I did on the Copyright Summit – here’s a screen grab :

Blog posts on Copyright Summit - no ads

Now when I clicked on the first items – which is the Google Video of the Lawrence Lessig and Brett Cottle debate I get ads added perfectly to my blog post – here’s a screen grab:

Blog posts on Copyright Summit - ads

Google ads added beteween the blog title and the first line of text and also Google ads at the bottom of the video and just above the tags.



And where’s my money???????????

Google or WordPress?

When I saw this initially, I thought one of my blog posts had been harvested by some blog spammer and so I had to keep checking the URL to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Oh, and BTW, no ads appear if I use IE as my browser – just to add to the fun!

3 responses

  1. but dude man… didntja know that google is your friend?

    cough cough

  2. Yup.

    It’s not watching me now, is it?

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