– these wonderful people are getting my money!

I am in love!!!!!!!!!

Not only do they have some wonderful audio books  read by some wonderful performers – they also…………..


Now I know this really shouldn’t be noteworthy, but it’s a sign of the age we live in that someone treating their customers as adults is a reason for celebration!

These people are getting my money!

From their Help page:

Why do you use mp3 files ?

We want to reach the widest audience for our recordings. We don’t think that you should be tied to any particular hardware or manufacturer and since mp3 has the widest acceptance, this is the format we’ve chosen.”


Doesn’t mp3 invite piracy?

To put that another way – why don’t you use DRM protection?

At silksoundbooks we believe that we should trust our customers. After all, anyone can get round DRM if they really want to – and it just ends up being a huge inconvenience to legitimate users who want to use their downloads on their own personal players.

Having said that, if we find our works being sold or shared by others in a commercial way we’ll put our attack lawyers onto them without hesitation. “

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