Copyright summit – a reflection

The problem the content and rights owners have is they can’t get the physical cash out of the under 25 market.

They had big stores where you went in and bought a physical product and handed over your physical money.

People go on about the under 25 market being time rich but cash poor – rubbish. They were never that cash poor when they were buying CDs by the truck load. The problem is they’ve migrated their habits to online downloading and there is no way that the content and rights owners have figured out how to get their physical cash digitally.

The answer is blindingly obvious. All they have to do is put two different things that was said together and they are back in business.

The first thing said, by Mark Selby of Nokia on day one, was how ubiquitous the mobile phone had become.

The second thing said, by Nikesh Arora of Google on day two, was how storage was ever increasing with no linear cost increase which he stated was “Kryder’s Law” (which is a bit dubious).

To take both of these things together – everybody has a mobile phone and storage is getting close to free.

Now all everybody seems to want to do is to put stuff on people’s mobile phones – but this is the wrong way round. What you can do is to offer free storage of their digital content, accessible anywhere, by any device and let them use their digital money (which is what a mobile phone is) to pay for it.

Everybody wins!

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