Copyright summit – second afternoon

The final stretch…

There is a viewpoint delivered by:

Rudolf Strohmeier, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Viviane Reding for Information Society and Media, European Commission

who proceeds to speak on Online Content in the Information Society. Not a lot to say about his other than everybody’s back from lunch and not really up to speed yet. (Update 28/3/08 – official video from CISAC)

Next up is a panel on – How can technology improve rights management? – with:

Patrick Attalah, Managing Director, ISAN International Agency (Switzerland)
Del R. Bryant, President & CEO, BMI (USA)
Rich Lappenbusch, Director Entertainment and Devices Division, Microsoft (USA)
FX Nuttall, Technology Intelligence Senior Consultant, CISAC
Hervé Soursou, Director of Business Development, Mach (Denmark)
Gerd Leonhard, Music & Media Futurist and Author of “The end of Control” (Germany) – Moderator

Gerd kicks it off and promises lots of interaction and to keep the intro bits, which has taken up most of the time in the other panels, to a minimum. Slight cheer from the crowd. There is very little interaction and the intros take up most of the time. Very disappointing. I thought this may be one of the more interesting panels and it’s a huge damp squib. Everybody is avoiding the dreaded DRM acronym like the plague. Serious lack of energy in the panel themselves. The only person who acquits himself is Del Bryant, from BMI, who actually does a good job of making the case for the BMI being a forward looking and progressive organisation. This is the only thing I got out of this panel. Disappointed. (Update 28/3/08 – official video from CISAC)

There is supposed to be a debate but they slip in a quick Q&A with:

Alfonso Cuarón, Mexican film Director,

who comes across very well. Admits to being new to the whole technology world but likes what it offers him. Says his first question he asks when someone says they’ve seen a pirate version of his film is “How was the quality?” (which generally turns out to be poor). Goes on to say he’s pretty sure he’ll be less than impressed with the pirating thing if the cheques stop coming. Has raised $100 million to do 5 films with a collective of directors. Says the studio system is doomed. Like this guy – he’s got an opinion. (Update 28/3/08 – official video from CISAC)

Next the debate. Can creators and technology/service providers find a common ground? – with:

Benjamin Bejbaum, Co-founder & CEO, DailyMotion (France)
Alex Callier, Songwriter/Bass player and producer, Hooverphonic (Belgium)
Henk Hofstede, Singer/Songwriter, The Nits (Netherlands)
Bendik Hofseth, Composer, Saxophonist and Singer (Norway)
Yves Bigot, Programme Director, RTBF (Belgium) – Moderator

There was also a speaker from a new start up/ex-Siemens there as well and I missed his name. This was another damp squib. I was really looking to hear what Benjamin Bejbaum had to say but he didn’t get much of a chance to speak. The only thing to say about this was I made a point at the end for the artists on the stage to go to and see how fellow artists were filtering the Internet for the best/weirdest/most artisitc things they could find/get sent. (Update 28/3/08 – official video from CISAC)

After that there was a viewpoint by:

Robin Gibb, Singer/Songwriter member of the Bee Gees UK

entitled Are Creators’ Works like Any Other Goods? which basically made the case that artists should be wrapped in cotton wool by their masters and left to get on with the creative process. Fair enough. (Update 28/3/08 – official video from CISAC)

And then it’s wrap up time with:

Jens-Peter Bonde, Member of the European Parliament (Denmark) (Update 28/3/08 – official video from CISAC)
Víctor Hugo Rascón Banda, Playwright and Author, Vice President of CISAC and Chairman/Director General of SOGEM (Mexico) (Update 28/3/08 – official video from CISAC)

At this stage all I want to do is head for the Eurostar but to be fair to Jens-Peter Bonde he makes a pretty impassioned speech to maintain collective societies and to fight the internal market mandarins in Brussels. Still it’s home time – and the room is more than half empty – so it doesn’t get the listen it deserves.

Anyway, that’s it. I’m off.

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