article – Music industry set to abandon DRM shocka


SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE. After all the lawsuits we’ve been reporting about, all the fiasco’s we’ve been through (Microsoft incompatible trio MSN-Plays For Sure-Zune), and now, it seems that music industry executives are finally thinking with their senses and not with their ill-fated techno-paranoid logic. During Music 2.0 conference in Los Angeles, a lot of speakers are confirming that the time has come to either drop the DRM completely, or enable complete interoperability between various devices and services such as iTunes, Zune, Sansa, Rhapsody, eMusic, Yahoo, Napster, Limewire, Walkman etc.”

3 responses

  1. Having been involved in the music industry at some level since the late 60’s, I can tell you from personal experience that it takes a long time for that giant of an industry to make the right adjustments. I truly hope that they are waking up. They might want to consider abandoning their tactic of appealing only to the 14 years old and younger crowd and throwing copious amounts of poop against the barn door while hoping something will stick.

    Quality not quantity and the ability to be interdependent with the present technology is the only way for them to save themselves from ruin. Pandora’s Box has been opened by the internet and it’s much to late to close it.

    If they don’t wake up soon, let us hope the monolithic mindset of these folks will be replaced by a younger, fresher crowd who will be able to think outside the box and save what was once a wonderful industry.

  2. that’s why it will never work. Stacy Fabian.

  3. it was back in 99, watching movies all the tim. Liesbeth Kiki.

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