– revisited

In a previous post I noted that you could still use Xrost to top up your AllofMP3 account.

This option no longer appears on the Refill Balance page BUT you can still redeem Xrost iCards by:

Logging into –

then pasting in the following URL –

which bring up the payment step for redeeming Xrost iCards.

Seems like the screw is getting turned another notch!

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  1. sooo glad i finally found how to redeem my xrost icard. took me two days, but i got it thanks to you.

    thanks again

  2. The information is out there.

    I’m just happy to share.

  3. mucho thanks… I wonder how long this will last for

  4. many thanks man your alife saver

  5. Copy and pasting didn’t work, so I just pulled the ol’ fashioned “click-the-link” tactic and it worked! Thank you so much! I thought my money was trapped.

  6. I am so gratefu for that advice!!!

  7. There’s intriniscally nothing special about – but as a music service it sets the gold standard in terms of compatability and flexibility. From that perspective I’m glad to be of service! 🙂

  8. Where are you pasting the information?

  9. […] In response to Visa's and Mastercard's cessation of services to the site, AllofMP3 now uses a prepaid credit proxy, Xrost,which can, in turn, be paid by Visa or Mastercard (See AllofMP3's payment page as explained here). […]

  10. So, can you still buy a $10 card at iROST and use it at allmp3?

  11. I assume you mean XROST – if so, then yup!

  12. Just opened an account, paid for xrost credits, than couldn’t use them until I found this post. Thanks; I would have been out 10 bucks!!

    Note that the URL in the post got cut off though; if you want to cut and paste, the full URL is:

    Thanks so much again!!!!

  13. Is everyone else getting this message:

    “As part of our ongoing effort to improve the payment platform, we will be performing a scheduled server maintenance. The payment option at our site will be restored in 48 hours.

    Sincerely, Xrost Team”

  14. Mike >

    I’m getting the same message! Nothing to worry about! As they say; it’s just regular maintaince… I hope so 🙂

    Will be looking forward to yop up my balance, as of today is 0.07… Not good for much, or should i use the word, anything!!! 🙂

    Anyway! Go Xrost! Get that maintaince overwith! Need new music


  15. Nope.

    Scheduled maintenance has been going on for slightly more than 48 hrs.

    I hope, like really hope, that this isn’t the beginning of the end for allofmp3.
    Dagnammit, come back xrost, and your ability to accept more than Diners and JCB (does anyone even own these cards east of the pond anyhoo?) – all is forgiven! 8¬P

    Here’s hoping – and cheers for the link Michael.


  16. Fingers crossed!

    And you’re welcome!

  17. Still no change.

    I’ve email them to see if they can give an ETA.


  18. I am bummed about xrost being down. Do you really think they are doing maintenance, or is this the end for them? I can’t get a clear picture from any other sites. 😦

  19. Having had more than my fair share of server downtime, I would remain hopeful that it’s just technology being stubborn.

  20. When’s the last time someone used xrost. The last time i used it was Dec 5th. I sent an email to support as well. If i hear anything, i’ll post it.

  21. I used it last on Feb 2nd without any problems.
    I could actually access the xrost payment option all the time from my home pc.
    I never needed the direct link until now – I just had to do a fresh install of windows on a new drive, and now the option to pay via xrost was not avaiable.

  22. Pinknoise,
    The fact that you last used Xrost on 2/2 is encouraging. I last used it on 11/22 and am now just about down to 0 on that icard.

    Michael, I know what you mean – I should be more patient. I have had my share of server downtime issues as well – everything always takes longer than anticipated!!

    Thanks and TGIF!

  23. still the same message on xrost

    Anybody heard any news?

    Was xrost actually affiliated with allofmp3? I thought they were an independent biz.

    I read the other day allofmp3 did move from Russia to Ukraine, so the russians could become members of the WTO. In the Ukraine they bought a couple of years – maybe that’s now due to the move etc.

  24. That’s one very sick server – if it’s a technology issue.

    Starting not to look that way though.

    I haven’t seen anything reported, but from postings aound the web it would seem that the message has been on the Xrost site since early on the 6th, which makes you think that they would at least have updated the holding page if it were a short-term thing.

    It’s the danger of the triumph of hope over experience!

  25. No company in the business of selling money would have its site down for four hours, let alone four days. There’s more going on here than what the server says. Probably beyond allof THere are at least 22 other Russian sites that sell MP3’s some of which take Visa.

  26. There’s a list of them here:

    None offer the range and flexibility of AllOfMP3, but they do continue the case for downloads being cheaper than actually buying the CD.

  27. I read somewhere about Supposed to be the same people that started AllofMP3. The format is certainly the same. I haven’t tried it yet. Anyone else familiar with this site?


  29. Vic – See the link above in my previous post.

    M.L. – No idea how good MP3Stor are, will sign up to see what file formats they do (seems to be MP3 only looking at their Terms of Service).

  30. and mp3legal are the same site. The header states 320 bit rate before you add money. As soon as money is added, the header switches to 192. I’ve emailed them, but get a form response that directs me to which is yet another address for the site. Slightly shady.
    Now to call my credit card company to see what I can do.
    Also MP3Store is mp3 with VBR

  31. Cheers Jon!

    Excellent info.

  32. actually only mp3legal states 320k in the header before logging in. All of them state 192k in the help sections. I just need to pay better attention

  33. Just went to the allofmp3 web site to read up on their blogs…. and it logged me in as Franck Rankard¿?

    Then I lgged in as me, and it said my name was Tom White (it isn’t!)….. then it nearly got my name right, I think they are undergoing something horrible over there.

    Kinda reminds me of the end of Terminator Two when the liquid dude becomes most other things before he vanishes!!

    8’¬( *sniff*

  34. Paul/Franck/Tom – all we can do, having had a technical standard set by AllOfMP3, is insist that whoever we go to spend our hard earned cash with matches it. We know that if someone bleats that it’s too hard to support multiple formats at multiple compression rates then we just need to wave goodbye and go and spend our money where someone wants to provide a proper customer service.

    It would be so nice for it to continue to be AllOfMP3, but if not then we must at least carry the spirit of the site forward.

    PS – The only thing I can say about the Terminator thing is that there was a Terminator Three!

  35. I too have used xrost, last time 03.02.07 with success, however since it has been down with server message being upgraded. is a good site though takes three times as long to download as
    Lets hope finger crossed that xrost and can rise from the dead.



  36. Well said, wise words Michael!

  37. AllOf accepted my MasterCard – No problem!

    Happily downloading as I sit here…

  38. AllOfMP3 accepted your MasterCard? I tried and it refered me to AllTunes which only accepts Diner’s Club and some other weird card.

  39. No good for me either – the refill page has changed and directed me to AllTunes but still only Diners and JCB with them.

    Guess it’s a case of watch and see!

  40. That’s odd…I wonder if it depends on where one lives.
    I’m in the western US. I tried again – logged into AllOf – went to ‘Balance’/’Make Payment’ and went to Alltunes – chose the ‘Pay By credit Card’ option – and then was directed to the ‘Billing & Credit Card Information’ screen with the ‘Card Type’ pre-filled in as ‘MasterCard’ !

    Strange – I wish I had an answer for you…..

  41. Here you go – from Wikipedia

    “As of 10th and 11th February, 2007 financing an account on allofmp3 has become almost impossible for most people. The Visa and Mastercard payment route via Xrost is not working and alltunes (an allofmp3 brand) can only accept payments to pass to allofmp3 from Diners’ Card or JCB.
    There now appears to be no way to finance an account via either Mastercard or Visa, although some users report being able to use Mastercard (and Mastercard only) through alltunes—.
    No information as to how long this will continue seems to be available on allofmp3. Xrost carries a 48-hour maintenance sign but that has been displayed for more than 48 hours and seems more open-ended than the firm suggests. Click and Buy has dropped completely, so it is doubtful that Xrost will ever be back.”

    So – for some reason – Mastercard works for some.

  42. Matercard suddenly works for me from Seattle! You must go thru the “allTunes Payment” option, not the Pay by Credit Card route.
    Enjoy this loophole while it lasts!

  43. Right!
    That’s what works for me too !

  44. I’m pretty sure that I had tried the same thing on Feb 15th and it was no go, so it’s a fresh crack for the moment in this Cold War Credit Card Wall!

  45. Nope – still getting Diners & JCB only.

    I went directly to the allTunes website – tried to “Pay by Credit or Debit Card” (which mockingly tells me it accepts VISA, MasterCard) and also tried to “Buy allTunes PIN code” – both no joy. Tried to top up from AllOfMP3 by going – Balance – Refill balance – allTunes payment – which takes me to the same allTunes payment options as previously – all of which redirect to:
    whose SSL certificate states:
    E-Commerce, Terms of use at (c)05
    Noord Holland, NL

    So maybe it’s doing IP recognition and using a different redirection based on geography?

  46. It’s not based on location. I don’t have the mastercard option, but a friend of mine who lives 5 miles away is able to use mastercard. So it seems pretty random, unfortunately.

  47. Heh, heh – guess they’ve invented a new way to run an Internet website – the random user experience!

    Still, it’s good news for some!

    More investigations required.

  48. I have read through all your posts and just tried to pay via MC through alltunes refill balance, and now it only gives the JCB card option. UGHH!!!! Mp3stor looks pretty good, might switch to that one. Any other quality sites?

  49. I just tried the top-rated of the alternate sites listed above,, signed up for the $30+$30free payment, punched in my CC info, and got this:
    Deposit failed. Reported the following:

    * Your order has been flagged by our system, and will be manually reviewed shortly. We will send the order confirmation once the order has been approved. We thank you for your patience.
    Not very hope-inspiring.

  50. Also, on, I wonder how some of you guys reach the “make payment” link from the balance page. Do you have a direct link? For me the balance page reads:

    Balance | How to use Balance?
    General Information
    Current balance: $0.33

    Latest payment $10.00 on October 16, 2006 (see also: Payment list)

    Personal bonus: 0% (read about Bonus system )

    We are sorry, but you cannot refill your balance at the moment. Please try again later.

    That page was

  51. Finally getting my music fix! Signed up with for $34.95+$10 free. 15 cents a track, and no bitrate selection, but OK for now.

  52. Yup – I’m only getting JCB option now!

  53. I had a Xrost card sitting here and the link at the top of the page still works.
    I’m in the UK and today for the first time only got JCB (what is that anyway) not even Diners Club.
    I’m back up to $11.50 so wish me luck!

    I’ll be getting Q4 OGG or even WMA files to make it last as long as poss.

  54. I emailed allofmp3 and got this reply today

    Dear user,
    You can pay via ways of payment currently available on the site only. Unfortunately it is not possible to pay by a credit card for the time being.
    If you still prefer to pay by a card please check the site news, we will inform everyone when credit card payments become available again.
    Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.
    Payment Xrost is temporarily inaccessible also.
    If you already have Pincode and ClaimID, an activation:

  55. I’ve just e-mailed xrost and got a reply saying that the address is not recognised… Oh dear. I still have $10 on Allofmp3 but when that’s over methinks I shall join mp3stor. Darn, I was so getting into Allofmp3. I found out what JCB is: They are American. No office in the UK.

  56. I’m french, and I call the office of JCB in France ( They say me that it was not possible to get a JCB credit card in France but it’s possible in Germany, UK, and many countries…
    Maybe it’s time to leave visa or master card and get a JCB card :p

  57. Today I found that:
    After choosing an amount, I was redirected to
    It looks as if Mastercard is accepted by E-Centru, but unfortunately I only have a VISA. If anyone gets through, please let us know. Greetings from Germany

  58. I just loaded $$ onto and was thrilled until I tried starting to dowload my files. They are charging me for the file but not asking where to save the file. I’ve checked everywhere on my computer and my e-mail – no music.
    Does anyone have experience with this site?

  59. Tanya, is ok you right click on the song you wish to download and save target as (select target) and then it downloads saving MP3. I prefer to use though with both sites you have wider choice of music and sometimes cheaper than allofMP3.
    Xrost has now been down since February 3rd and has had yesterday server down then it reappeared with the 48 hours server down message and then the server down again now.

    I tried to use alltunes but went to chronapay which accepts JCB cards only

    Allofmp3 RIP.

  60. These sites sites are to be avoided !! XROST does not work, it has taken my money but I cannot now convert it to a prepaid icard. The site is off-line. stay away from it, use another site. This problem is associated with ALLOFMP3 site, which you should also stay way from until the site managers get thir act together

  61. Xrost is now showing an 500 internal server error. emailing the webmaster doesn’t help as the address isn’t recognised any more. Looks like the begining of the end for allofmp3?

  62. I just forked over $30 to click and buy so taht I could buy a Xrost card only to find that it wasn’t up and running. ANy ideas? I don’t care about the $30 as much as the long term problem of not being able to get music cheaply

  63. I think it’s the end of AllofMP3 but my balance is only 0.05 cent.
    I found a another site but you not so much albums. It’s only 0.09 cent at song.
    Go to for a cheaper one and on is also a good one.
    Both of them are also from Russia but legal.

  64. I recommend the site it seems much quicker and cheaper than which between both sites has almost everything that had.

    Keep up the good work the Russians

  65. Any sites that you can buy music videos that will work, or I can convert for iPod?

  66. Thanks Michael!! I was not aware of this.

  67. Michael,

    This program does not seem to work very well, or I am not doing it right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  68. Not sure what you need to do – but this site allows you to take the .flv file that a site serves out and save it locally in a format that you would like to use for offline viewing.

    It’s just a case of getting the URL of the video you require and pasting it into the download box.

    Are you looking to convert existing files to MPEG-4 for an iPod?

  69. I was intrigued by, they have a much better site than I was really disgusted to learn, however, that hosts music by racist bands like Skrewdriver (and others) under their ‘hatecore’ banner. FYI…

  70. yes, looking to convert for my iPod. I have

    Also trying to do it for dvd’s as well. I’m trying to do just chapters (ie) a couple videos off of Metallica’s The Videos 89-04, instead of copying the whole thing. I’ve used DVD Shrink in the past, and also use Cucusoft to convert to MP4 and MPEG-4 for my iPod. For some reason, I can’t find a program to break the chapters.

  71. Mark M in Texas | Reply

    Hey everyone,

    I like however, it is a pain! Is there anyway to download an album without having to download each track by rightclick save as? Any download manager that will do this for you? I don’t mind doing it if I am buying a single track, but buying multiple tracks it becomes difficult. Why we all love allofmp3 I guess. It did it for you!!

  72. To download an entire album from mp3stor install download manager Flashget for free also if you use firefox install add on flashgot then its a simple matter downloading all tracks at once into whatever folder you choose.

  73. Does anyone have experience with this website (
    It could be my rescue… but I’m a little bit afraid of being fooled…

  74. It’s mentioned on the blog at
    – from comment 198 on.

    It seems a mixed reaction. Personally – wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

  75. Richard Knight | Reply

    I’ve used, it worked fine had to wait a while for payment to be uploaded. However the greatest news to report is econtru works for me now and master card payment excepted

  76. Congrats. I assume you are going via AllTunes – where I still get Chronopay.



    Apologies for the capitals.

    Yesterday I signed up with, today it’s having server problems.

    Looking at, they have a lot of good music, starting to worry about getting stung though – which, I guess, is the point of all this. Anyone got any experience of iomoio?

  78. Update: mp3search back up and doing business.

  79. No not via alltunes straight via card payment on allofmp3 site.


  80. No good.

    Tried Allofmp3 credit cards, gift certificates, AllTunes and even checked back in at XROST.

    Will keep checking for the next 24 hours to see if anything changes.

  81. Mark M in Texas | Reply

    if you want the stuff for free try

    torrents are the way to go.

    Have gotten the entire discography of several people. It even teaches you how to do torrents if you don’t know how to.

  82. works fine. Takes credit card payments via ChronoPay. Has an excellent catalogue. no problems apart from the server going down for a whole morning.

  83. I am searching for new web sites for downloading music. Your blog has been very helpful. Which is better mp3sugar or mp3search?

  84. I haven’t used either of them – so I’m no good to you there I’m afraid.

    None of the other sites I’ve seen so far offer the range of variable bitrates or the broad spectrum of choice of encoding, so none have appealed to me to date.

    I would jump over to any service that offered these (at a reasonable price) in a heartbeat.

    As for torrents, I’m a big fan of The Pirate Bay (currently missing… presumed having a good time at the time of writing) – if only from their principled stance. As a technology P2P leaves me a bit cold.

  85. I’ve just registered at mp3search. Nice catalogue there. But what about payment? Is it safe to pay via Chronopay with VISA? The alternative ist using UKASH through Webmoney to mp3search. I’m not sure which is the better choice…
    Any suggestions?

  86. Hi
    Not a reply. but a question: Can I fund my Click-and-buy account and then transfer the money to Allofmp3 and use the pin code and claim-id for X-rost shown at Allofmp3 to fund my account at Allofmp3?

    Hopefully, waiting in Sweden

  87. Hi!

    I have been searching all over the net for a large site accepting paypal (for some reason I find it safe). They either seem to be small – at least in country music -(like and accepting paypal or well sorted and not accepting it. Any suggestions?

  88. Hi Henny accept paypal. they don’t seem to have updated their catalogue this year, though. Country isn’t my thing, really, so you’ll have to check it out yourself.


  89. Hi Karlo

    I previously paid through Chronopay at allofmp3, and understand they’re a legit operation based in Holland. At any rate I’ve never had any problems with them myself. So far I’ve found mp3search to be very good, except the odd track has an occasional click.

    still interested if anyone has used

  90. There is a way of using paypal with

    You can purchase a gift certificate from its a great service, really happy with it and already brought 4 gift vouchers from it. The admin also has a good and honest blog which contains all the latest news for

  91. Found this at chronopay’s main page. Maybe this has something to do with why Allofmp3 will not accept visa/mastercard and only jcb? Not sure, but it sounds interesting.
    They just posted it today, March 20th:
    JSC ChronoPay accepts Russian music stores with NP FAIR license only

    March 20, 2007

    From April 1st 2007 JSC ChronoPay will only keep on working with online mp3-shops which have NP FAIR direct agreements with majors and/or Right holders. The Internet Payment Service Provider has announced that it will cancel offering its payment services to online music shops with ROMS (Russian Organization on Collective Management of Rights of Authors and Other Right holders in Multimedia, Digital Networks & Visual Arts) licenses, and those shops which use simultaneously both licenses.

    Denis Sotin, ChronoPay’s Head of Operations says: “We have made a decision to work only with one organisation for collective copyright management. As a consequence, we shall not cooperate with shops having both licenses of NP FAIR and ROMS as it is not clear how a particular online music store may work under the two licenses. Based on market research and the conclusion of a situational analysis worked out by NAUET, the Russian association for e-trade, we have made a decision to only continue working with shops licensed by NP FAIR. This decision is based on concrete steps of NP FAIR in order to increase the transparency of its activities, including its readiness to pass financial audits, with the aim to compensate authors and Right holders.

  92. As an allofmp3 subscriber who cannot get any more credit, I’ve joined However, I find downloading slow and time consuming. I had to right click each file and save target as. There don’t seem to be any instructions – does anyone know a quicker and easier way to do it?

    Thanks for any help


  93. Mark M in Texas | Reply

    Which country artists are you looking for? I have most of everything out, maybe we could work something out.

    Let me know

  94. this ebay store has vouchers for sale. very quick turn around.

  95. I have used IOMIO and have had no probs…the website isnt as nice as Allofmp3 and some of the song titles need a bit of updating bu $0.15 a track can’t be bad especially with the 100% bonus.

  96. Nick – according to “Point” on this site’s forum – – you can use ReGet to download multiple files from

  97. This blog is great. Thanks for the input. I checked out this site and it gave great reviews. I was more interested in the I know some of you are using it. How do you like it? Are you having to use reget or flahsget (?) to help download. The mp3ru does not have much up front info. Just curious.

  98. WOO!!!
    just topped up my balance on
    greedy record labels,
    bought $20 for £11.97, bit of inflation but damn worth it for topping up account.
    Was able to pay through paypal so felt safe.
    Hope other people have some luck, Rocks!!!

  99. Hi, I was selling the vouchers on E-bay but they stopped allowing the auctions. I now have a website and the prices are very good. We are in the US and have sold over 200 vouchers in the last 7 days. Visit us at Thanks, Bob

  100. Clicked on the link that Achim posted on February 24th, 2007 at 1:52 am

    After choosing an amount, I was redirected to (Not Chronopay)
    The only option was Mastercard. I fille din my details ans seconds later my Allofmp3 balance was filled…

    Thanks Achim.

  101. Mark M in Texas | Reply

    Tried that, and it went through chronopay. Tried directly and it would not let me do anything. I have started using but do not like it half as much as allofmp3.

  102. Mark M in Texas | Reply

    Has anyone bought a voucher from the Bob guy above who is selling them? Any positive or negative feedback?

  103. Mark M in Texas | Reply

    Response to my last message.

    Bob at is truly great!! Had my certificates FAST. Good luck to all.

  104. Huh? Did you buy vouchers Mark or get a response from someone?

    I’m assuming the former but your email address is in an earlier post so I’m not sure.

  105. Mark M in Texas | Reply

    I bought vouchers. GREAT Experience, I would recommend the guy above every day. Excellent service. I am downloading at allofmp3 again.

    Side note:
    I !@#$%^&*() paid for mp3search and wish I hadn’t. I did not know that it was nothing more than a fancy limewire. BEWARE of that crap!!


  106. Cheers for that Mark. Good to know!

  107. Mark

    Sorry you got stung at, if you go to (notice the .ru domain suffix there) you should have a more satisfying experience. Maybe you don’t need it now though?

  108. i have been using mp3sugar for sometime without any problems. but recently whenever i even try to open the site my computer totally locks up. no other site ever does this. any idea of what is wrong and what is the best alternative?

  109. Mark M in Texas | Reply

    any idea how to get a refund from I’ve emailed their customer service but I think this is going to be next to impossible to do. is much better. I should have known better. I never would have purchased any P2P type app. like limewire that can be obtained for free.

  110. First of all thanks for this great blog !!!

    Yesterday I got my 100$ (cost 120$) gift certificate via:

    Many thanks for this link !!! I love

    best regards from germany


  111. I would love to take any credit – but it’s all down to the quality of the people commenting!

    Definitely reaffirms my belief in human nature.

  112. Mark M in Texas | Reply

    now the entire allofmp3 site is down. !@#$%^&*() Just after I fill my balance too. SON OF A…….

  113. Mark M in Texas | Reply

    not working again

  114. Working! 🙂 It’s a bit late in the week for it to be having a “Monday morning

  115. David M in California | Reply

    Ok…I just bought $15.00 worth of “vouchers” (for $24.00) using “Bob’s” above link via PayPal…I am going to hold my breath until A) I get the voucher, B) I REDEEM the voucher at, and NOW it seems C) the site is up and running so I can get the music flowing again!! I’ll post again when that happens.

  116. I used to buy $25 via Paypal and received my certificate in 4 hours. Redeemed and my balance is back.

    Can’t recommend Bob’s service enough.

  117. Cheers Neil! Sounds like another happy customer for both Bob and AllOfMP3!

    Any news David?

  118. David M in California | Reply

    As far as I can tell… is the new “unofficial” method of payment to refill you balance. Once you get the email (which happens within 24 hours) there is a link IN the email that takes you directly to the allofmp3 web site and fills in ALL the info you need. All you do is hit the “Redeem Gift Certificate” button, and a few seconds later you are BACK IN BUSINESS!!! BOB ROCKS!!!
    Keep in mind folks, this is a 3rd party operation. Some clever individual figured out a way to sell allofmp3 gift certificates and will make good money off us desperate people that want to refill our balances, but that’s how free enterprise works!
    As far as the alltunes site itself….I was a downloading fool yesterday. It might actually be downloading faster now as I am sure there has been a drop in their business due to people not being able to refill their balances.
    In conclusion, it will cost you $17 for $10 worth of alltunes, $24 for $15, $36 for $25, $64 for $50, and $120 for $100, but it works, and allofmp3 STILL beats all the other sites mentioned above for speed of downloading, vast catalog of music, and their great search engine!! Happy Downloading!!

  119. Achim Wagner in Germany | Reply

    Just a few critical questions about
    how do THEY refill their balance? Why are THEY (or is HE) able to buy gift certificates and WE are not?
    Very strange, in my opinion!
    Have they bought a couple of months ago, hundreds of gift certificates for thousends of dollar? Why???
    By the way: in my post from 24th February, I’ve aske anyone for experiences with Mastercard and Alltune Payments. Since a few days I own a Mastercard (especially for that reason) but unfortunately it didn’t work.

  120. David M in California | Reply

    A good question indeed….perhaps “Bob” would like to answer that since there appears to be no option still to purchase gift certificates at the allofmp3 web site! For now however, I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means). works, and it’s still cheaper even with the inflated fees than say ITunes.

  121. Achim – you can look up the registration details for the domain on WHOIS:
    There appears to be a number of people who can access the AllTunes site and purchase vouchers by CC. See previous comments. I assume this is how Bob does it.

    Bob – if you’re reading this I recommend changing the link to the certificate graphic you have on the page to the following HTML code:
    IMG SRC=””

  122. Justin H. Cohen | Reply

    Bought a voucher from Bob,

    Just redeemed it. Worked like a charm. Thanks Bob!!! Keep up the good work.

  123. Achim Wagner in Germany | Reply

    SUCCESS!!! I’ve tried it once again with (my new) Mastercard and it worked fine. In my first attempt it failed, because the card wasn’t activated.
    Here again the link:
    You will be redirected to
    Have fun!

  124. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s starting to look personal now!

    I get redirected to:

    Which simply states:
    Processing for this site disabled.

  125. Looks like the vouucher site now no longer accepts paypal. I bought a voucher through paypal just about a week ago and it worked great, now it’s by snail mail only 😦

  126. Hi Michael,
    yesterday it worked really fine for me! I filled up 20$ through e-centru, but today it redirects me to chronopay with the same result. You are absolutely right!
    But there are general problems with the allofmp3/alltunes sites at the moment.
    I will keep an eye on it…

  127. Richard Knight | Reply

    I concur that the payment method of e-centru last worked for me on 12/04/07 and 11/03/07 but today unfortunately has the payment by card not currently being accepted. Payment via Alltunes takes you to the chronopay site and then gateway times out.

    I do hope Allofmp3 resolves the issues though like many times before the hurdles have been overcome despite the mounting pressure by the record labels.

    There is a new option to add money by wireless transfer, has anybody used that yet????

  128. Richard Knight,
    Tell me how to do the wireless transfer, and I’ll give it a try. I tried the AllTunes link yesterday and I could have refilled my balance. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time so decided to wait until today. Wrong decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now “Gateway Closed”. I fail to understand this whole situation.

  129. Richard Knight | Reply

    ALLOFMP3 seems to have gone to a snails pace, unable to download music and stuck with a balance of $100.
    The wireless bank transfer is explained under the tab found under refill balance.



  130. Richard,
    Snails pace is right. However, you must have an option on your end that is unavailable on my end. No option here for wireless bank transfer. AllofMP3 needs to get their act together or shut the site down. This is ridiculous!! First no credit cards(but others have this ability), then only mail in for vouchers, and now unable to download. Personally, I’m tired of messing with this. AllofMP3 is doing a great disservice to their customers and doesn’t seem to care or even willing to offer an explanation. Sorry, just very frustrated.

  131. Hi all!

    Anyone else who’s got problems with mp3around lately?

    I couldn’t download any flies yesterday, but the site still deducted money from my account. I got an error msg saying “Too many files”, no idea what that means. I don’t seem to be able to contact the customer support or send contact them for reporting the mistakes either…

    Hope someone could give me some advice on what’s happening there… 🙂

  132. David M in California | Reply

    All you fellow “allofmp3” er’s need to check out this link….it will explain the problem we are all having. I guess you could just call it “Death of Napster: The Sequel”…..

  133. There are now people trading allofmp3 gift vouchers on the AOM3 forums (allofmp3 community).

    I used paypal which is fantastic and the sellers there are really nice!

    Aom3 does sometimes have vouchers for sale, but you have to check their blog:

    By far the most professional service I have used and very fast. Much better than the others.

  134. Hi Guys

    After having experience all the trouble trying to replenish my allof account I moved to and it worked great for 2 days. As of yesterday it seems the site is unavailable. Any clues?

  135. David M in California | Reply

    Hammy…if you check my link above I think it will explain a lot of problems. The US is pressuring the RUSS govt to shut down ALL of the “illegal” (in the eyes of the US music idustry) sites. They are dangling membership in the WTO (World Trade Organization) in front of the RUSS govt to get this accomplished causing many problems for us downloaders in the meantime.

  136. Hi all

    I’ve been using for about a month. I made one payment of $30 and was credited with $60. Prices are $0.15 per track on average. They have a good range of music – better than allofmp3 for my preferred genre (ambient electronica) and DLing works fine, though not as nice as alltunes.

    My only concern, apart from how long will it last, is sound quality. I’ve DLd dozens of tracks and one or two haven’t sounded good on headphones. (fizzy cymbals and esses – the usual suspects).

  137. Has anyone bought UKASH vouchers before? They seem to be a replacement for xrost iPAID cards. I don’t suppose they work on alltunes do they? Guess that would be too simple!

    I have been considering joining up to instead but I am unsure if there are better sites out there and what the best (safest) payment method to the Russian is now that xrost is gone. Any ideas?


  138. Achim Wagner | Reply

    Hi, unfortunately payments for allofmp3 are still impossible and vouchers are sold out. I’ve just registered vor mp3search. The catalogue is smaller and the bitrate is fix, but acceptable.
    The download is quite easy, if you use the option “Save all links”. You will receive a text file, which you can use with “wget.exe -i “.
    P.S. I’ve tried the wire bank transfer on Monday 30th and will see if it works. For Non-EU residents probaly no good deal.

  139. Achim Wagner | Reply

    oops, something cut out of my last posting:
    “wget.exe -i filename.txt”. WGET is freeware.

  140. David M in California | Reply

    Achim, would you please clarify…you said “vouchers are sold out”….what web site were you refering to??

  141. David,
    I’ve visited the sites and Both have a “lack of stock” or “out-of-stock” announcement.
    But you are right, my post is in this respect wrong, because I havn’t checked They still seem to offer vouchers.

    Another information regarding my wire transfer: I’ve made a payment of 50.-EUR (about 68.-$) at 30th April. My account was filled up on May 9th with 92.-$. That’s quite a good deal, isn’t it?

  142. hello
    I was looking around for some mp3s and found them on I searched for a few obscure artists and I was amazed at the depth of their selection. There is content on that cannot be found anywhere else.
    I am a club DJ and am alway on the look out for the latest tunes and i have been absolutely blown away by what I have found on this site.
    Tunes that I can’t buy anywhere online or sometimes find in the shops. Even things which to my knowledge are only knocking around on vinyl. This sounds like a blatant advert (which it most definitely is not) but last night I was like a kid in candy shop and managed to find about 85% of all the sought after tracks I have been looking for over the last month.
    The search facility is pretty crappy and browsing is not really much of an option. If you know the artists you are looking for, or the exact name of the track you want then this site is great.
    They also have a few lists of the latest UK and US charts etc but these don’t really demonstrate the depth of what the site seems to have available.
    The listening interface works well and they have adopted a fast-forwarding approach in the sample which will play about 10 seconds fast forward a bit, play some more and so on. This is very helpful, I am always a bit frustrated when the 30 second sample you get on some other site seems to miss out the best or worst parts of the music.
    This site is all about its content and having used a lot of the mp3 sites I am very happy to have found this one which seems to cater for my particular (non mainstream) tastes really rather well.

  143. Just found The site name seems to be very close to allofmp3 but they have completely different look. And their music catalogue is waaay wider. I managed to find every track I was looking for since early 60s…

  144. I joined on May 19th and added funds to my account. I just want to share my experience. I can not download the albums once I’ve added them to my list of albums. I get the following message “500 Internal Server Error”. I am using flashget as my download manager. I will post an update later.

  145. It was sad to see slowly killed. One by one the payment methods disappeared and now I cant fund it at all…
    After looking for more websites that offer the same benefits of (cheap music basically), I found

    Iomoio has its own pros and cons compared to allofmp3… first of all the name is annoying but it also has a messy UI.
    I found allofmp3 to have a much easier to use search mechanism.
    My MAIN complaint is that they don’t have the newest songs.
    Iomoio takes a little while to get new albums I believe…

    Bottom line…
    1.) Cheap– great for the value
    2.) Reliable– as far as that goes for this type of business…
    3.) Good music selection

    1.) Hard to use User interface..
    2.) Iffy music quality, nothing as ingenious as what allofmp3 had going on.
    3.) They dont get new songs very quickly…

  146. Is it no longer possible to get vouchers to update your balance with allofmp3??? I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

  147. David M in California | Reply

    You guys need to read the posts above… STILL has vouchers and they ARE redeemable at!!! Just downloaded tonight and all was fine!

  148. Hi all!

    Woa, I still have problems with mp3around and I can’t get any info about it. So I thrown out one more question, sorry for bothering you again. When buying a file, I get a “Fatal Error” msg: Too many links.

    It seems as if I am the only one using mp3around on the internet, maybe no wonder they have problems. 😉

  149. Hi Elma,

    I just tried to DL some tracks I bought on mp3around a couple of months ago (music remains available for ages on there!). I didn’t have any success, however I didn’t get the error message you describe. Which doesn’t help you much, sorry.

    If you were clicking the ‘import’ link, this might cause the problems you describe. Maybe. Are you using a download manager like flashget?

  150. It appears that is down now. An IP Trace puts their servers in russia too. Wonder if they were shut down.

  151. Well, what can I say best DL speed at Was surprised by 100% bonus, So it’s basicly 7.5 cents /track, I belive cheapest one on the net.

  152. Looks like allofmp3 is now Anyone used it yet are creditcards being accepted?

  153. I’ve signed up for an account and they are not accepting credit cards at the moment.

    There’s a very good thread on discussing this:

    There ia also another thread on about a second site that also seems to be run by the AllOfMP3 people, but is invitation only, called Memphis Members:

  154. Richard Knight | Reply


    I too am a member of It when first asked to transfer from was able to add credit by CC however since now displays message that CC not currently accepted. Seems to be the same old story as per AOMP3.

    Hope problems resolved soon

  155. Is there any way now for anyone in the US to re-fill their balance with Allofmp3? I’ve used other sites, but their’s is by far the easiest to use.

  156. If AllofMP3 is supposed to change their format as of 01 June to become “legal”, I’m wondering what will happen to my current balance and why even bother to refill your balance until we know what’s going to happen. From what I’ve read on this board, AllofMP3 is about to become ancient history for all of us on 01 June. Anyone got more info on this coming change?

  157. David M says that has vouchers that are AVAILABLE. I’ve checked this site out but I can’t find anywhere that allofmp3 vouchers are available. Can David M or anyone else help in locating these vouchers.

  158. David M in California | Reply

    Sorry folks….yep, seems the goon squad has also now gotten to…this site too appears to be down now. It was up and running only 10 days ago!! See the link from Michael Walsh’s post on May 24th….at the very bottom of the article it says the Russian Govt promised to make all the “illegal” mp3 sites OFFICIALLY illegal as of June 1st…so…short of getting an invite to the now even more mysterious world of it seems we are all stuck with giving someone .99 per song for music you may or may not be able to transfer between sources or go play with crappy Limewire! 😦

  159. Richard Knight Enlgand | Reply

    Success, managed to add 4 x $25 amounts to my account by mastercard via e centru.

    Rock on MP3sparks.


  160. No joy here I’m afarid.

    I’ve spent the last two hours trying different permutations and combinations with MP3Sparks to see if I could get anything other than the:

    “We are sorry, but you cannot refill your balance at the moment. Please try again later. ”

    message but to no avail.

  161. Hi Michael,
    you posted at 18th of April “It’s starting to look personal now!”

    To my surprise, I made the experience, that friends and neighbors have different or missing options to refill balance, even on allofmp3 or mp3sparks.
    For example, the wire transfer was not available for a freind with a small turnover (not sure if this is the right word). What I want to say is, that the options are changing in relation to your “refill frequency”.
    That might be an explanaton, why some can refill through e-centru with credit card, others not.

  162. I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Looking at the AOM3 Forum on The Memphis Club, a lot of people have posted their AllOfMP3 transactions to prove they are moderate/heavy subscribers.

    It may well work this way, in an automated back-end database, for MP3Sparks.

    I emailed AllOfMP3 support in April about getting access to The Memphis Club and they responded saying:
    “ support reply:
    Please, ask your friend (or person who told you about MemphisClub) to send us the request with his suggestion for your membership in Assistance section on the site.
    We’ll consider his request. But in both ways we can discard your membership without giving you any reasons.”

    Now – I have 2 problems with this.
    1. I am not “begging” someone to take me into their “club” so that they can then take my money. Either my money’s good enough or it’s not. This ain’t no popularity contest.
    2. There are many other legitinate ways to get my music. All this covert bullshit gives the site the air of illegitimacy – and I don’t have time for that. At that point it gets indefensible.

    So AllOfMP3/MP3Sparks/Memphis Members may not be for me.

  163. Hi Michael,
    sounds really strange!
    I had a look on this AOM3 Memphis forum, and many visitors are presenting their high-scores, to get into the “club”.
    But I don’t understand, what’s it for. Is this the only way to refill the balance?
    I’ve read something about invitations by mp3sparks, when one moved his account from allofmp3 to mp3sparks. But where is the advantage?

  164. There are now three different sites being run by

    1. – no longer allowing credit card payments.
    2. – selectively allowing credit card payments.
    3. ??? – an invitation only variation of the above with full credit card payment options.

    The invitations to mp3sparks appeared briefly on the balance page in the site. You could also log in to with your account initially – and your balance appeared, as did all of your previous account transactions and download history. This was turned off after about a week and you had to set up a new account in

    So they seem to be gearing up to try and do as a new legal attempt but also covering their bets by taking the most profitable downloaders and putting them in a VIP area called memphismembers – so if gets attacked they can still keep the moderate/heavy users happy and off the radar in the memphismembers area.

  165. A few minutes ago I see that allofmp3 offers the payment by


    So I give this a try – as the creditcard and the voucher sites doesn’t work.

    So I hope that in a few days my balance by the best music site will rise again.

    best regards from germany


  166. Paul,

    thanks for your reply (a month ago, I have missed it when looking at the forum…). Nope, not using flashget, not using anything except explorer and whatever solution they provide on the site. Could that be the problem?

    Thanks for your kind help!!

  167. Well, it’s a complete puzzle to me, but for the last three days, I have been able to refill my balance by going directly to AllofMp3, choosing the AllTunes refill option and, tada!, MasterCard is accepted, payment is processed through E-Centru and my balance is refilled. I would really like to add a lot to my balance, but can’t get beyond the thought that the days for AllofMP3 are quickly coming to an end. Anyway, maybe some of you guys should give this a try again. Worked perfectly for me.

  168. Nope I still get an error. When i try to refil i get sent to Chronopay and after picking $50 it goes to a “page not found” error.

  169. I listen a lot to New Age music through Dish Network. Honestly, a great deal of the songs that I hear on Dish are not available on AllofMp3 but ARE available on’t know about other genre’s) and the bitrate for their songs are 256kb vs 192kb on AllofMp3. Plus, if you add a balance of $30, they give you another $30 for FREE!! MasterCard, Visa, etc are NO PROBLEM. With all of the problems at AllofMp3, in my opinion, is a great alternative. Check it out.

  170. I can’t even open my program now. Is something happening with AllTunes/All of Mp3 now? Everytime I open the program, it says connecting to the server, then retrieving catalog update, then it gives me and error and closes. Never had this problem before. Wanted to go use my last $8 in balance.

  171. There many people selling allofmp3 gift vouchers at as well as many ways to top up your balance, using credit cards. allofmp3 community

  172. That busy solaris guy over at has made a rundown of a whole bunch of the alternatives to AllOfMP3 (those with an English interface):

  173. Seems AllofMP3 has finally “bit the dust”. I hope I’m wrong about that, but I’ve been trying for two days and I get the infamous message “Web Page Cannot Be Displayed”. Fifty two dollar balance, “down the drain”??

  174. Yup. No response here either.

    It’s worth looking at the AOM3 forum as I think there’s a way of getting your balance transferred to MP3Sparks. I’ll see if I can find the post on the forum.

  175. Here’s the AOM3 forum thread I was thinking of:

    Not much good though, as it seems to imply you need to be logged into AllOfMP3.

    All I can recommend is creating an account with MP3Sparks and then emailing them via the assistance page – when I created an account with MP3Sparks I got an email back from the AllOfMP3 team – and give them the details of your AllOfMP3 account and ask them to transfer the balance.

    Hope that helps.

  176. It seems that AllOfMP3 will be back – but never again as a .com site but rather a .ru one. I’m pretty sure your balance of $52 will be intact, when the .ru site comes out of maintenance.


  177. 2chicksatonce,
    I certainly hope you’re right(See PS). In the meantime, I decided to give iomoio a try, registered with them and paid $15 to refill my balance. The balance refill via VISA went through with no problem. Also, I was previously successful in downloading their 2 trial tracks with,” No problems whatsoever!” However, now that I have successfully refilled my balance with them via my VISA card, I am UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD music, yet the account shows that the music track was downloaded and .15 was deducted from my $15 balance. HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM?

    Is there a specific procedure for downloading music that I am unaware of other than the obvious method outlined clearly on Thanks for your help.

    PS. I must add that I have been very successful at logging on to MP3Sparks, my AllofMP3 balance has been transferred over to this site and I have been able to download music just as before on AllofMP3. So, it would seem that for now, my $52 AllofMP3 balance has not been lost. Now I’m wondering if I have lost $15 to I’ve contacted their support team and am awaiting a response. Will keep you posted. Again though, has anyone else had problems with

  178. Disregard my above post! Yes, AllofMP3 appears to be a thiing of the past. However, MP3Sparks has my AllofMP3 balance transferred over along with my username and password. Actually works just like AllofMP3.

    As for, they were immediate in my response to the download problem and solved it within 15 minutes of my first email to them. Outstanding customer service!!!

  179. I have tried to sign up for mp3sparks but it says that my user name and email account already exist. I tried to use my user name and password but it pops up invalid. Anyone have a clue?? I have emailed them twice over the past few days and I have not received a message back.

  180. I tried using the details I had used for AllOfMP3 on MP3Sparks and it complained that these details already existed – so I assume you have done the same. I had to set up a new account on MP3Sparks with a different userID and a different email address.

  181. Amy and Michael, I found in the same situation as you but a few days after, when trying to top my balance, they provided the way to easily transfer my account to mp3sparks including profile, collection etc

  182. MP3 Sparks website down!! Hopefully this is temporary and not the same demise as AllofMP3

  183. Sparks seems to be gone. Hope its a temporary thing but doesn’t look good at the moment. Anyone know more about memphismembers or something similar.

  184. Richard Knight | Reply

    mp3sparks is down had just topped up balance by $75. So so hope this is temporary too. First noticed it was down yesterday on 4th July but only topped balance on 3rd July.

    The site is also down and is not even logging in.

    Come on you Russians you’ve got the greatest site on earth so sure it will come back even if under a new name for the third time.

    Regards to all music lovers and followers of the great MP3 site.

  185. If you want to use up your balance rather than lose it try going to which should carry your balance in tact. I have just downloaded a shed load of tunes and bailed out for now and am waiting to see if this one survives before topping up.

  186. I had been using allofMp3 for almost 3 years with no problems until the recent shutdown….Luckily I was able to use my entire balance.

    I have read all the comments in here going back to 11/06, and I am still unsure of which site to use. I am leaning toward the Iomoio site as one poster said you get 100% back…but I do not see this stated anywhere on the site.

    I am jonesing for new music and want to register with a site soon…As of now, what are the current recommended sites and which ones offer a bonus back?

    Thanks so much!

  187. I have signed up with Iomoio and you do get a 100% BONUS, not money back. So if you put $30 in your account, then they give you a $30 bonus as well so you have a total of $60 in your account. It is not written anywhere, but you will see it when you try to fill your balance, they will give you the amount options.

  188. Looks like has completely disappeard from the internet. No DNS entries exist and I tried various DNS servers. Too bad.

  189. James Finigan,
    I don’t see anyway on for a way to download the remaining balance on my account. Yes, it will allow me to refill my balance(which currently is just under $30), but I sure ain’t gonna do that until I know how to download from Seems the only options are to download alltunes all over again or refill your balance. I’m afraid if I download allunes again, I will definitely lose my current balance, username and password.

    How did you download music from

  190. Hi Mark.

    You do know that allTunes is a downloader, don’t you? 😉

    Get it here:

    Install it, type in your username/password and off you go 🙂


  191. *sniff* *bows head in mourning* – so long allofmp3, sleep well.

    So, the American Powers That Be have apparently won this round. This whole ‘Russia want in to the WTO – so must comply with our rules’ nonsense is just a smokescreen to stop other folk getting a few bucks that the RIAA thinks are theirs.

    Russia is kind of like life itself…… it will always find a way. Let’s hope so anyhoo!

    Right, back to alltunes to clear my remaining balance before the RIAA *ahem*, sorry, the ‘USA SuperDuper Powers’ lean on that one too. Greedy blighters.

    Regards to all.

  192. ?! It’s gone?!?!?! $30 down the drain!

    All these Russian sites are disappearing?

  193. Richard Knight | Reply up and back, hurrah for common sense and more music to the people

  194. Still can’t F*@KING refill my balance though!!!!


    If there was any half decent legal site out there they would have my business in a heartbeat.

    What is wrong with the music industry?

    Lots of people wanting to pay for music and they are making it impossible for them to do this!


  195. I’ve just tried now and mp3sparks is working

  196. Payment on MP3Sparks is also up and running again 🙂


  197. Ryan-

    Yep, stopped accepting connections on 7/9/07 and by 7/11/07, no DNS entries exist. I’m guess their provider probably shut them down.

  198. balances are available at!!! Use your same username/password.

  199. You can log into Lavamus with your Alloffmp3 details, however when you go to download what you have purchased you got “problem loading page” :-((

  200. David M in California | Reply

    Mark Hauver…..earlier u said u were able to refill ur balance with e-centru and a mastercard….are you still able to download songs via alltunes with this? I just went to all tunes which is still functioning, I have a balance of .93 😦 but I was able to listen to music and I’m assuming I could have downloaded something….I too used the “refill balance” link and was taken to e-centru where it asked me for my Mastercard info which I very unfortunately do not have 😦 again!! Does anyone know if this option currently works??

  201. Hi there!

    The Russian sites seem to be going down one by one. 😦 Mp3Around is gone now, I had $20 on my account.

    Does anyone know if or are still working? Or other suggestions?


  202. I want to recommended too. Allofmp3 was best, because has no drm and real time encoding – from 192 to 320 kbps I liked “him”. But russian mp3 stores it is whole world, about existense you don’t know, i write wide articles about 20 sites like allofmp3 at .

  203. Richard Knight | Reply

    I today 29/07/2007 tried to add credit via e centru by my mastercard. Input all details and when pressed pay now got an error record stating an illegal input had been done and unable to complete transaction. Completed several times and cleared all cache and history in case of fault still no joy. Has anybody else experienced this same fault.

  204. Richard Knight | Reply

    Hallo, it works fine again now added $100 credit and see there is a second method of payment via mobiles

  205. Just getting a blank page when trying to access MP3Sparks from Ireland.

  206. Richard Knight | Reply

    Cannot log into mp3sparks either it either times out or wont load. First noticed on 31/07/2007 and same when tried two minutes ago at 1605 hrs in UK

  207. MP3Sparks is having some downtime again – use the allTunes application to get your music 🙂

  208. Richard Knight | Reply

    I do use alltunes for downloads but cannot add credit to it as have to use mp3sparks to add credit.

    Good news too that mp3sparks is back up and running as of this evening. Hurrah to sparks

  209. Woohoo!

    In Ireland I can refill my balance with a credit card!

    Now the question is can I do it from the UK.

  210. Now I can’t download a thing from Emails sent to support get bounced. I guess the end is here for Lavamus.

  211. David M in California | Reply

    Looks like its been over a month….hows everybody doing??

  212. Well – I tried to top up my balance in the UK and and it doesn’t work – so MP3Sparks is definitely doing IP restriction.

  213. You have a lot of possibilities to fund your MP3Sparks account. Read on here:

    And Lavamus have finally found a payment processor, so they accept payment again.


  214. Excellent! Quality info!

    I’m just inquisitive as to how the IP restriction is happening, having confirmed that it’s not just a personal thing between me and MP3Sparks 🙂

    Nice site/moderating BTW. Kudos!

  215. David M in California | Reply

    Ok…I’m stoked!!! I just added 50 bucks to my account just by going to the AllTunes web site, hitting the “refill balance” option, choosing the “ecentru” option, then using a virtual PAYPAL MasterCard……boom…..there is now 50 bucks on my AllTunes account!!! YESSS!!!!!

  216. Michael Walsh:

    We believe that it is the nice people at MP3Sparks, who block certain IP’s, which are close to for instance known American/English government IP’s. But we don’t know for sure. We do know that there are ways around this blocking, which you can surely read about in our forum (and thanks for your nice words about it, by the way :)).


  217. I think it is truth but I disagree with Richard Knight about $100

  218. Can anyone tell me how to add money to alltunes? It’s asking me for some pin code…..

  219. Ok i figured out where i can add money on alltunes website, but it won’t let me add it using credit card…. is there any other way of putting money on it?

  220. I was not able to refill my balance for 7 months, now suddenly I could through ecentru on mp3sparks, what a surprise, I had nearly given up.

    Oh, and this is from the US

  221. David M in California | Reply

    Is this thread done?? I could not log on to AllofMP3 tonight…connection timed out. Anybody hear anything??

  222. Left it go for a few days to see if anyone else jumped in – I’m getting no response from AllOfMP3 and MP3Sparks – so it looks like it something serious.

  223. Just logged onto Sparks but can’t add credit.

  224. What happen with the refill balance in Memphis members? I can`t refill from january 2008

  225. Yeah – it all feels a bit “end of the road” at the moment.

    Very frustrating!

  226. I can;t log in (10 may 2008)

    i lvoe

    amazing place allowed me to really expand my music and get what i wanted – and it was legal

    wtf is this about closing it? i tunes is rubbsih , too expensive, crap interface and doens;t have the collection of

  227. I’ve been checking allofmp3 every week to see if it was possible to refill and no luck. I then found the para below from wikipedia and subsequently tried mEnable using the mobile phone option via CMPASS and it worked (from UK). Look’s like we’re back in business !

    “As of 29 May 2008, users may obtain credits by purchasing a CMPASS code by purchasing a PayByCall credit. This method only works for Europeans, as the PayByCall service requires making a local phone call which charges your account a predetermined amount. Users may also (as of 5 June 2008) obtain credits by purchasing a CMPASS code via txtNation mEnable, in $10 increments. This option is useful outside of Europe, if one has a PayPal account (for example).”

  228. Thx for the info….just went to the mEnable/txtNation site and used “Click and Buy” which I have used before to get credits for AllofMp3. I was charged $10.31 for “something” tho I’m not exactally sure what! Just checked the AllofMp3 site and got “Servers Busy” on that site and also. The site I have been downloading from ( is also “down for maintinence” 😦 (this is all from the US and done from my comp…not my cell).

  229. Missing the Big Picture | The Apple Blog | Reply

    […] pricing songs by the data size instead of a straight price. It was illegal which is not cool, but many people went to great lengths to purchase songs from that website. You could get between four and […]

  230. Hi!

    I’m from Portugal and used to download music from

    I’ve there 12 bucks but now… no sign of this site at all… It is a victim of the war USA vs Russia or it’s just temporary?
    Anyone knows?

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