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Suspect Nation from More4 on Video.Google

The State of Surveillance!

The bunker bit at the end rocks!

BBC loses chairman.

Scoop by The Telegraph.

This will have huge implications on the media landscape.


David Berlind, ZDNet Executive Editor, makes the case for DRM to be rebranded as CRAP (Content, Restriction, Annulment, and Protection).

Suw Charman of The Open Rights Group on Video.Google

Suw Charman of The Open Rights Group and T.J. McIntyre of Digital Rights Ireland on “Government and Privacy in the Digital Age”.

Digital Media Manifesto

These guys do REAL magic!

The Production Magic team at BBC R&D have some video of one of their projectsMarker-free real-virtual interaction – online here: (RealMedia 3.8 Mb)

Truely Magic!

Wonderful historical archive from BBC R&D

Media.Guardian says Richard Sambrook wants ads on BBC website

Media.Guardian has an article stating Richard Sambrook wants ads on the international facing BBC website.

Nothing on Richard’s blog.

Nothing on the BBC website.

What gives?

The game of Second Life?

From the BBC’s DNA site:

” Already on my short travels there, I’ve ridden in a flying car, worn pink hair and had several types of sex that I wouldn’t THINK of doing in real life. For me, Second Life isn’t a game. It’s about fulfilling long buried fantasies, doing things I have no way of doing in my regular life, meeting fascinating people, and mostly, mostly about creating the future.”

Steve Balmer wants to own Linux? makes the case for Linux getting owned by Microsoft. – revisited

In a previous post I noted that you could still use Xrost to top up your AllofMP3 account.

This option no longer appears on the Refill Balance page BUT you can still redeem Xrost iCards by:

Logging into –

then pasting in the following URL –

which bring up the payment step for redeeming Xrost iCards.

Seems like the screw is getting turned another notch!

One for the radar

UK Information Security firm with excellent resources links

BT’s 21CN core strategy conundrum – IP/MPLS Vs PBT

BT Rethinks 21CN Core Strategy

Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum

VCP on the analog hole

VCP, using VEIL technology, on their way of dealing with the “analog hole issue“.


Steganography site

BBC drinks the Microsoft Kool-Aid

Flame Warrior carricatures

A Dutch digital rights site