Huh? How exactly does this work

“Welcome to 10

With 10 we have a dream: create a place for people with both a passion for technology and also a desire to change the world. As a compass to help guide us forward we’ve written what we call the 10 Manifesto:
One band of passionate digital citizens reaching out to enthusiasts around the globe.
Two-way communication that is based on mutual respect will lead to success.
Three degrees make up the interview: The medium, the subject, and the conversation.
Four corners of the world encompass millions of ideas and a shared global imagination.
Five by five is how we communicate; with maximum strength and clarity.
Six minutes of headlines and links isn’t enough. We want to create opinions, depth, and focus.
Seven days a week we hunt for discussions on seven continents. Work and life can be synthesized.
Eight bits of media will grow into more than just bytes of data. They should inform and enthrall.
Nine plus Ten is much more than nineteen. Together we can teach, listen, and learn together.

10 is all of these things, but most important it is what our users make it. Listen to everyone.

Thank you for being a part of 10, we’re looking forward to your feedback as we begin this journey together.”

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