A Business Model for the Digital Age – Part V

Show me the money!

Okay – so the question is – how to do this?

Strategy  – DRM content – but DRM with a difference – the user creates the DRM, which is tied to their account, which automatically verifies any Digital Online Content they contribute as well as any content they purchase from you. You get buy in from you consumer/content creator. They have a vested interest in DRM as it assigns rights to their content both ways. It is also DRM lite – the content is encrypted end-to-end to ensure data integrity – but that’s it.

– Delivering content: Digital only costs less than digital+physical which costs less than digital+physical+backup. Receiving content: Rights only is paid less for than rights+distribution which is paid less for than rights+distribution+media.

– Let the market decide for itself. Don’t prejudge or target. Just get your content out there and get a community involved.

Implementation – Add value. If your not adding value then you will fail. Insist on quality and enable expert involvement. Get buy in from the community and they will become both self-enforcing and protective of your product/service.

Execution – Treat your marketplace with respect and acknowledge that it’s their money, time and effort that makes your business a success. Let them know that they are the ultimate owners of the content and the responsibility is as much theirs as yours to make it a success. You will have an army of evangelists.

Regulation – Get the community on your side and they will regulate for you. Give them buy in and they will feel a sense of ownership. Then give them ownership.

Enforcement – Leave it up to the community. Just as the Free/Libre/Open Source Software community have more eyeballs looking for bugs, you will have more eyeballs then you could ever dream of looking to enforce and protect your investment in them and their investment in you.

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