A Business Model for the Digital Age – Part II

The worst thing the Entertainment industry can do is hand over the keys
to their content to the IT industry through DRM.

BT in the UK are going completely IP on their network infrastructure. So you get a double whammy when the Entertainment industry then has to have that content delivered by the Telecoms industry.

Telecoms and IT massively outweigh the Entertainment industry economically. Add in the fact that users are creating their own Digital Online Content and seeking their own methods of distribution – YouTube, Video.Google, WordPress, Blogger, FlickrPhotobucket, etc. . Triple whammy.

And then you have the likes of Craigslist and Google looking to grab the advertising revenue – the oxygen of most of the commercial Entertainment industry – then Whamomania!

What I lack is time not content. Locking the content down with DRM makes you beholden to the software industry and if it gets cracked, it’s your service that has to come off the air, not theirs. And if the consumer has to patch their playout platform then it’s you they blame, not the IT industry, if that patch breaks their platform or their content. A lose-lose scenario.

What I need is Pathfinders not Gatekeepers. Get your content out there and add value on your own site.

Make me come to you and then give me a reason to spend my money. Just because I have the content doesn’t mean I won’t want to buy a physical reproduction of it – either as a present or because I want to.

Give me a reason to come to your site and then add to my knowledge – I’ll keep coming back – cash in hand!

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