Steve Jobs is a moron!

First this and now this!

I have never assumed Podcasting meant creating content for an iPod – in fact I assumed the opposite. Anyone creating a podcast would be creating an MP3 file by default, as far as I was concerned, so it could be listened to by anyone, anywhere and shared as and how they wished.

Apple are dumb!

3 responses

  1. I don’t understand your criticism, what are you saying? Podcasting is for ipod only? Some of my former friends don’t have ipods, and they get their regular Rush Lim’oxycontin’baugh fixes without a problem. I don’t have an ipod (well, never paid for one), and I can get This Sporting Life from Triple J in Sudney without a problem. What is the problem, please explain.


  2. Not a criticism – just a note on how the moronic actions of a legal team can end up dumping bad press on even the most press-praised companies.

    Read the Wired articles and see the cease-and-desist letters that some legal idiot started pumping out to try and claim anything”pod” related.

    Lots of legal people don’t get the Internet – but equally, when they get paid whether their actions are smart or dumb, then they have nothing to lose from doing something silly like this – but the blowback on a company which believes their false claims can be very damaging and the company can have a lot to lose.

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