A free tip for online music etailers.

Let me post a request for content!

Backstory – I wanted to give someone an introduction to an Irish singer – Mary Black – and the album I wanted to recommend was one from 1990 called The best of Mary Black. Well – what started off as a simple task, blossomed into a quest which then transmogrified into an obsession to get this content online.  And I failed!

I spent hours trying every online avenue to get this and was utterly defeated. The thing that got me mad though was the digital download sites that kept telling me what they had but not allowing me to tell them what I wanted!

Listen music people – I have money and I’m not afraid to spend it!

But not one single online site asked me the most basic of retail’s rules – ask the customer what it is they want.

If a download site had a button on their site that said – “Can’t find it? Click here and we will get it for you.” – BOOM – you got me.

So there you go online music etailers – a double header – put something like this on your site and you will get both my money and my loyalty – minus my consultancy fee, of course.

2 responses

  1. Here, here, well said, …..I too have been searching, and searching and yes…searching for this particular album/cd of mary blacks (The Best of Mary Black (1990), I used to have it on tape but some kind soul threw it out or something and it is now out of print/copy whatever it’s called and no-one seems to have it or want to reissue. I have been on her personal site asking (pleading) for this but to no avail :0( frustratingly yours Christine

  2. Cheers Christine.

    Surely this is a story repeated again and again across the world.

    If I (ever) get a copy I’ll post the details on here.

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